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Some Haunting Ideas

Each year in late September or early October, The 6' Ferret Writers' Group begins planning for our Halloween party. This is our favorite time of year, because it gives us a chance to get into our characters--literally! We write Halloween stories, come to the party dressed as our characters, and read the stories aloud. We haven't had a dull party yet!

Usually, we set a theme (in the past, they've ranged from New Orleans to Star Trek). Often, we'll pull ideas from a hat (or basket, or whatever is handy) to incorporate into our stories (this adds an element of challenge). The stories range from insightful to hysterical--to published. Two group members have had their Halloween stories find their way into print; Stirling Davenport's "Abba's Mark" was published in The Darkest Thirst (a vampire anthology), and D.M. Rosner's "The Black Cat of Antietam" was published in the Civil War ghost anthology Dead Promises. (See our "Suggested Reading" page for links to additional information about these books.) In addition, D.M. Rosner's story "Hawkin's Perch" was also a winner of Inscription Magazine's "Lifting the Veil" Halloween story contest.

Here are some ideas for your Halloween parties. If you have any ideas you'd like to share, please e-mail our Webmaster.

  • Pick a theme for your party. A theme can be a place, or a type of story, or even a type of character.
  • Pull ideas from a hat. You can go with categories, or-as one visitor to our home page suggested-just put in random ideas. Be creative when adding your suggestions to the hat; working a duckbilled platypus into a Halloween story can really make you think!
  • Have everyone write a story set in the same location, but occurring at a different time (this could be a difference of a few years, or a few centuries).
  • Write stories that all take place simultaneously.
  • Instead of writing stories ahead of time, gather at the party and write a story. Have members take turns writing a line or a paragraph.
  • Go to the party dressed as your favorite authors, and write stories either in their style or in which they are characters.
  • Put your Halloween stories together into an anthology. It's a lasting reminder of the fun.


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